International Accreditation at the Center for Learning and Teaching

Faculty Institute of Teaching and Learning

The Center for Learning and Teaching recently received accreditation for its Faculty Institute of Learning and Teaching program from the Educational Developers Caucus (EDC), a body in Canada that accredits faculty development programs as part of the Society of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (STLHE). 

The Faculty Institute of Learning and Teaching is a yearlong immersive professional development experience for new faculty that aims to create a learning community for AUC faculty, to cultivate a cultural shift towards innovative teaching and foster quality learning and teaching at AUC.

"Two important things to highlight were the mindset of learning coined with the tools and techniques for teaching. Collegial support and faculty group discussions were other key issues in the ILT, by which one learned about different techniques used between disciplines and can be applied in another discipline," said Momen El Husseiny, assistant professor in the Department of Architecture.