Free Arabic Classes

The TAFL (Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language) graduate program is arranging free colloquial Arabic classes for members of the AUC community and/or their loved ones. The goal of this initiative is twofold. First, it helps non-native speakers of Arabic in the AUC community to interact successfully with Egyptians in and out of AUC. Second, it enhances the teaching experience of student-teachers in the TAFL MA program. 

The classes we are offering will introduce basic language information and communication strategies that will help participants communicate in everyday life. Students and teachers could also choose specific language skills they want to develop.

Classes will be held from April 1st till April 19th on Mondays and Thursdays during assembly hour. This crash course in colloquial Arabic will be taught by student-teachers registered in the TAFL program. Class time could also be arranged according to teacher and prospective learners’ schedules. Kindly note that there is a cap of 20 learners after which we cannot accept so hurry up!

If interested please send an email to at your earliest convenience indicating your name, affiliation to AUC, and background in Arabic (if any).