Temporary Pause in Transferring Records to AUC Records Management

Effective today the Main Records Center in the Administration Building will be closed due to building renovations.  Kindly be informed that as of Sunday, December 30, AUC Records Management will temporarily stop accepting the transfer of records from university offices until our move to new facilities is completed.  Normal operations will resume on Sunday, January 27. If your office needs to retrieve documents during this period, your staff may still visit the Records Center until January 10.  From January 10 to January 27, if your office needs to retrieve records please contact AUC Records Management staff at mobile numbers 01002309853 or 01119171765 or email at  aisha83@aucegypt.edu, m_hamid@aucegypt.edu, tofi@aucegypt.edu to inquire about retrieving your records during our relocation process. 
Thank you for your cooperation and understanding as we upgrade our Records Centers to better meet your needs.