Kingship, Power, and Legitimacy in Ancient Egypt


Lisa Sabbahy. assistant professor of Egyptology, recently released her new book, Kingship, Power, and Legitimacy in Ancient Egypt. 

From Cambridge University Press: In this book, Lisa Sabbahy presents a history of ancient Egyptian kingship  in the Old Kingdom and its re-formation in the early Middle Kingdom.  Beginning with an account of Egypt’s history before the Old Kingdom, she  examines the basis of kingship and its legitimacy. The heart of her study is  an exploration of the king’s constant emphasis on his relationship to his  divine parents, the sun god Ra and his mother, the goddess Hathor, who  were two of the most important deities backing the rule of a divine king.  Sabbahy focuses on the cardinal importance of this relationship, which is  reflected in the king’s monuments, particularly his pyramid complexes,  several of which are analysed in detail. Sabbahy also offers new insights into the role of queens in the early history of Egypt, notably sibling royal  marriages, harem conspiracies, and the possible connotations of royal  female titles.