Career Center Conducts a Career Exploration Bootcamp for El Gouna International School


When the Rotary Club of Red Sea-El Gouna reached out to AUC’s Career Center to request collaboration on a career exploration event for both national and international 11th and 12th grade students at El Gouna International School, Soha Hassan, assistant director for Experiential Learning and Caroline Nassar, senior career advisor, organized a workshop around the theme “Know Your Superpower.”

On Sunday, March 24, they traveled to El Gouna for the event. The Bootcamp challenged students to think ahead about the kinds of career paths they want and to use those goals to plan the extracurricular activities and studies they will pursue.

According to Caroline, working with high school students was a unique opportunity because they haven’t chosen a major yet, so the workshop gave them the opportunity to work backward, starting with the careers they wanted. In her opinion, this sort of early career exploration is often lacking for high school students but is essential for their career development. The students from El Gouna International School came away from the day with enhanced knowledge about career paths, personal branding, networking and a plan for putting their new knowledge to use. As part of the workshop, each student came up with a career action, ensuring that Know Your Superpower Day was only the beginning of their career exploration.