AUC Theatre Program Presents: Campus-wide Remote Playwriting Challenge For Students, Staff, Faculty and Alumni.



The AUC Theatre program is offering students, staff, faculty and alumni from all majors a playwriting challenge, based on playwright Paula Vogel’s concept of a playwriting “bake off.”

What is a bake-off?

A bake-off is a quickly written short play on a specific theme with assigned elements that people begin and finish in 48 hours. Plays are short, between 10 and 15 minutes, have one setting and take place in real time (the same length of the play). Submissions can be in English or Arabic.

Interested? Anyone can participate!


  • On the evening of April 2, we will send all participants the theme and a list of 5 “ingredients” to put into their original short play


  • Participants have 48 hours to finish the play (these can be written individually, in pairs or with groups) and to send it back to us.

Finished plays will be shared with all participants, and if possible, we will meet and break bread together to read some of the plays out loud. There are no critiques. Bake-offs are to theatre what sketches are to polished oil paintings. We just want you to enjoy the experience. Each play deserves applause.

“Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality.” — Lewis Carroll

Happy Baking!