AUC Team Qualifies for Worldwide NASA Space Apps Contest

wining team

Over one hundred teams competed this weekend at AUC in the local NASA Space Apps Contest. The competition was co-organized by NASA Space Apps Cairo, the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, and the Department of Physics. The U.S. Embassy in Cairo generously sponsored the event.

According to the NASA Space Apps website, the event is an international hackathon for coders, scientists, designers, storytellers, makers, builders, technologists, and others in cities around the world where teams engage with NASA’s free and open data to address real-world problems on Earth and in space. Space Apps 2018 included over 18,000 participants at more than 200 events in 75 countries. Space Apps is a NASA-led initiative organized in collaboration with Booz Allen Hamilton, Mindgrub and SecondMuse.

Based on their rankings among other participants, two teams, one of which is an AUC team composed of Omar Hesham, computer engineering, and Youssef Emad and Mostafa Elrefai, both mechanical engineering, won nominations to participate in the worldwide hackathon.  Space Scientist and Geologist Farouk ElBaz attended part of the event at AUC.


Check out the full list of winners by category: 

Vested Summit Prize 
-Category Our moon, team "Fly to Moon"
-Category To the stars, team "SpaceBusters"
-Category Planets near and far, team "EGMNT"
-Category Planets near and far, team "Space Script"
-Category Living in our world, team "clusters team"
-Category Earth's Ocean, team "Pegasi"
-Earth's Ocean, team "Project Manta Rays"

-Category Living in our world, Team "Gate xy"

Space Apps Awards 


-Category Earth's Ocean, team "Harmony"
-Category Planets near and far, team "create your own station"
-Category Living in our Earth, team " Burning Astronauts"
-Category Our Moon, team "Titans"
-Category To the stars, team "The Space Invaders"

- Category Earth's Ocean, Team "Harmony"
- Category Living in our world, team "Burning astronauts