AUC School of Business Executive Education Jumps Seven Places in Financial Times (FT) Ranking

FT Ranking Announcement

The AUC School of Business is proud to announce that the Executive Education open-enrollment programs have achieved their highest Financial Times (FT) ranking to date. Ranked at 67 in 2020, and rising 7 places from the 2019 ranking, the classification maintains the School’s positioning on the world map as the only ranked school in the Arab region and one of only three in Africa.

Ghada Howaidy, associate dean for Executive Education and External Relations at the School of Business, remarked: “We are very proud of the AUC School of Business Executive Education team who have worked hard to achieve this result.” She added: “With the vast number of universities and executive programs globally, being FT ranked bears witness to our impact and the extent to which professionals find the reconfigured programs we offer relevant to their business needs and best-in-class. We promise to continue working hard to get even better.”

This year’s FT executive education open-enrollment rankings, consisting of the top-ranked 75 business schools, are primarily based on data provided by learners as well as data from the schools. The rankings are based on 10 criteria assessed by participants and six for data submitted by the schools. Participant criteria include preparation, course design, teaching methods and materials, faculty, quality of participants, new skills and learning, follow-up, aims achieved, food and accommodation, and facilities. As for school surveys, the criteria incorporate the percentage of female participants, international participants, growth, international location, partner schools, and faculty diversity.

The FT’s annual rankings of non-degree Executive Education providers are the best known and most discussed in the industry for rating only the top providers of executive education programs worldwide. Ranked for the first time by FT in 2013, and consistently in the ranking ever since, the AUC School of Business Executive Education programs maintain their leading position as the regional platform for world-class executive education.