The Board of Trustees Statement Regarding Amendment to Faculty Handbook 2015-16

The Board of Trustees commends the Senate and the Administration for reaching agreement on April 16, 2019 to amend the faculty handbook to address the most contentious issues of concern to the Board. The Board welcomes the extensive discussions that preceded this outcome, appreciates the considerable efforts involved, and reaffirms its strong preference that changes to the handbook be developed through consultation between the Administration and the Faculty.

The Trustees authorize the President to adopt the revised handbook with the understanding that it is a living document that requires further refinement, clarification and improvement, as indicated by Senate resolution 764 and our discussions with the Administration.  The Trustees direct the Administration to continue its efforts to revise the handbook in close consultation with the faculty and the Senate and to present a revised version of the entire handbook to the Trustees by December 15, 2019. 

Further revisions should strive to describe accurately current principles, policies, and procedures governing faculty life at AUC, and to make improvements that will enhance the University’s mission in the dynamic landscape of higher education, in a manner consistent with applicable law, the 1975 Protocol between the University and the Government of Egypt, the by-laws of AUC, existing University policies, and individual employment contracts.  To the extent that the handbook conflicts in any way with those authorities or current practices of the University, those authorities and practices shall prevail in any interpretation of the handbook as approved, and the Senate and Administration are directed to identify any such inconsistencies or ambiguities and address them in the next revisions of the handbook.