Social Research Center Researcher Invited to Join Rockefeller Foundation-Boston University 3D Commission

Sherine Shawky, senior research scientist at the Social Research Center (SRC), has been invited to join the Rockefeller Foundation-Boston University Commission on Health Determinants, Data and Decision-making (3-D Commission).

This distinguished 3-D Commission aims to develop a body of evidence that unites the disciplines of determinants of health and data science and explore how such evidence can be shared with, and used by, decision makers to improve population health. By bringing cutting edge research on data and determinants together with policymakers, the 3-D Commission will provide pragmatic guidance for how public health policies and practice can more efficiently and systematically improve population health globally and across the wealth spectrum.

The Commission will bring together commissioners and a team of researchers with immense expertise. Shawky will be joining as a commissioner due to her expertise in social determinants of health. The commission aims to create a report that will be published in a variety of peer-reviewed journals and will be presented at the 2021 General UN assembly.

The participation of Shawky at an event of this magnitude is vital for the dissemination of knowledge across borders to allow us to be part of the global discussion regarding health. This commission will also allow us to bring our expertise on social determinants of health to the table.