Social Policy MOOC, "The Scientific and Practical Dimensions of Social Protection"

The spread of coronavirus all over the world revealed that social protection systems are suffering from many flaws in almost all countries around the world, but at the same time, this crisis can be considered as a starting point to rethink our view of social protection.

Hania Sholkamy, associate professor at the Social Research Center, is giving a Massive Open Online Course on social protection in Egypt as part of AUC's partnership with Edraak, which is partnering with edEx, a Harvard-MIT consortium, to provide these courses. It is free and open until July 7. Learn more here. Sholkamy is currently working on a project on social policy as part of AUC's Pandemic and Post-Pandemic Research and Innovation Initiative.

Sholkamy provides a basic introduction to what social protection is, why it has evolved as an important policy option, what are its main tools and what are the conceptual and political premises upon which policy interventions and their tools are based. Learners will encounter a different social protection intervention, situated in a specific country setting and will be invited to consider the advantages and limitations of each policy. The specific policies addressed are: microfinance, cash transfers, public works programs and universal basic income guarantees.