Hadhramout Foundation President Abdullah Bugshan Visits AUC


AUC President Ahmad Dallal welcomed Abdullah Bugshan, President of the Hadhramout Foundation (HF) to AUC on Sunday, December 12.

Bugshan was joined by a delegation that included representation from HF board members, the Daw’an Architecture Foundation and administrators from the Model Schools in Yemen. Dallal greeted the delegation and commented, “We are proud that the Hadhramout Foundation has entrusted [AUC] with the education and the development of young Yemenis from Hadhramout.”

During the visit, Bugshan and Dallal discussed potential areas of collaboration between the University and the foundation. Bugshan expressed his pride in the partnership and his wish to send more students to study at AUC.

The delegation later met AUC faculty, staff and 22 HF scholars at a lunch held in honor of Bugshan and the delegation, during which Bugshan listened to the experiences of HF scholars.

The Hadhramout Foundation is a charitable organization operating in the Hadhramout region of Yemen that aims at building human resources among disadvantaged Yemeni populations.