AUC Student Speaks at a UN Event


Aisha Al Tubuly is a political science student and recipient of the Tomorrow's Leaders Scholarship at AUC. She is also a co-leader coordinator at Together We Build It (TWBI), an organization concerned with women, peace and security issues in Libya since 2012. Al Tubuly was nominated to speak at a United Nations event at the UN headquarters, where representatives from South Africa, the Dominican Republic, France and Cote d'Ivoire congregated to discuss the intersection between youth, peace & security and women.  The event came in correspondence with the 19th anniversary of the UN Security Council Resolution 1325.

“ In my intervention in which I tried to represent Middle East and Africa region young activist experiences and to actively engage with and discuss the challenges of the implementation of the agenda in Libya as well as other countries in the region, I addressed the issue of youth from MENA not being able to participate in international events because of visas being denied according to where they come from!  Also, I proposed the idea of allocating quota for youth and women to be included in any peacebuilding or political processes to make sure that UN missions to conflict countries fill in the requirement of the quota as a start for inclusion and proposed few recommendations,” said Al Tubuly.